Klinsystem is the benchmark in the sector of professional floor grinding and polishing machines.
Equipments and products are internationally recognized as the best on the market and used in the most prestigious job sites, thanks to the excellent quality of the materials, Klinsystem equipments are used all over the world.

Klinsystem has always had a particular attention to new markets, all products are designed to satisfy the market demands for the “total flooring solution” to meet all the client needs. The knowledge acquired over the years allowed Klinsystem to develop an innovative system that uses a new generation of grinding and polishing machines equipped with a counter-rotating planetary system. All equipments are characterized by high quality and technology, always positioned in higher level of the market, this allowed Klinsystem to acquire in a short time a relevant position in the National and International market.

During last years, Klinsystem introduced many technological innovations, based on efficient and versatile tools and equipments to offer to its clients economic advantage and rapid return on investment. The company never stops researching and improving its products, investing in research and development, in order to always give its customers products and solutions top of the range.

Klinsystem has been always focused in sectors such as stone care, industrial floor treatment, floor maintenance, wooden floor care and Surface Preparation. Klinsystem is today one of the most innovative international companies which works in the concrete and natural stone care field, with branch offices and dealers all around the world.

Klinsystem is able to offer to your company the best prospects for your business, the latest technologies in this field and the assistance necessary for the development of your company.
Discover all the information about Klinsystem and the advantages of working
with the most advanced technologies made available by our company.

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