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MAXI ORBITAL 500 is an innovative single disc machine, suitable for heavy duty cleaning tasks. The machine uses an orbital movement which increases the productivity compared with a traditional single disc machine. By using high frequency oscillations, this machine offers excellent stability and maneuverability, despite a total weight of 65 kg, (not including accessories). When working with water, the MAXI ORBITAL 430 enables considerable savings as the water is constantly held within the disc area by the orbital movement, and is not dispersed. In addition, the distinctive orbital movement makes it very easy for any operator to use the MAXI ORBITAL 500 machine, reducing training times and eliminating the need for any particular degree of physical strength. The low current absorption of this machine means that it can even be used together with a vacuum cleaner, with both appliances powered by standard mains voltage. MAXI ORBITAL 430 enables several operations to be performed using the same machine, simply by changing the accessories.

Description Working Width Power Disco rotation speed Oscillations/min. Brush Ø Pad holder Ø Tank Capacity Weigh Extra Weight
Maxi Orbital basic 500mm 1100 W 0-90 rpm 1400 500mm 500mm 15 Lt 68 Kg 17 Kg