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ORBITAL 430 is a newly devised single disc machine. Its rotary orbital motion improves performance compared to traditional single disc machines.

Thanks to principle of high frequency oscillations, excellent stability and maneuverability are ensured despite its total weight of 42 Kg. During tasks requiring water, ORBITAL 430 ensures considerable water savings as water is constantly kept within the disc area, without being dispensed.

In addition to that, this peculiar orbital motion makes ORBITAL 430 extremely user-friendly for any operator, with reduced times for technical training on the machine. Thanks to its low consumption, it can also be used in combination with a vacuum cleaner, both being powered by a standard domestic mains supply.

Through motion a vibration is created which ensures extraordinary cleaning, smoothing and polishing performance. This innovative orbital technology ensures thorough and delicate cleaning. Each contact with the floor creates a 1 cm wide circular motion, with as many as 1400 rotations per minute.

The cleaning effect increases, also other factors, such as time, water, chemicals and temperature, decrease drastically.

Description Working Width Power Disc rotation speed Oscillations/min. Brush Ø Pad holder Ø Tank Capacity Weigh Extra Weight
Orbital 430 430mm 1100 W Hp 0-90 rpm 1400 430mm 15 Lt 42 Kg