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Hard Concrete

KLINSYSTEM HARD CONCRETE is a concrete floor polishing system created and developed by the company Klinsystem ITALY. Thanks to this new system now possible to transform your ordinary concrete floor into a new floor, decorative, not dust, nice to see, polished like mirror protected and very easy to clean and to maintain!

The HARD CONCRETE POLISHING SYSTEM is a MECHANICAL grinding and polishing system with no dangerous chemicals without application of wax or resin.

What is hard concrete system?

With HARD CONCRETE SYSTEM even an old, stained and worn floor can be treated to make it looks like new, extremely resistant, no dust, repellent to dirt, and very easy to clean.Transform your concrete floor in a beautiful surface like marble or granite looking which is strong as concrete. Floor will be shine, oil repellent and waterproof and is also possible coloring the surface and create logos.

The best option and the best solution:

  • No dust, but allows to transpire the concrete slab
  • Aesthetically comparable as marble or terrazzo flooring
  • 5 times more resistant to wear than a standard concrete floor
  • 5 times more resistant to traffic of forklifts (no scratches on the floor)
  • More economic than any other traditional flooring with greater performance

Concrete Color Dye

Solventbased are the most commonly used products for coloring concrete floors.

Micronized dye particles are catalyzed in acetone, which in turn penetrate into the concrete surface. The more porous the concrete, the deeper the dye color will saturate.

The use of dyes opens a wide spectrum of vivid colors not available with iron oxide or acid stains.

It is important to note that these dyes are not UV stable and should only be used indoors.

The dye are non-reactive and moisture can affect the longevity of the color, therefore it is highly recommended that moisture test should be carried out and topical sealer like Concrete Guard Lithium or Concrete Gloss Finish be used for additional protection.

Klinsystem Concrete Color Dye

  • Concentrated dye solution solvent-based ordorless, ideal for staining concrete floors.
  • The color penetrates deep into concrete without the formation of films or layers.
  • Thanks to the fineness of the pigment, the color is homogenized perfectly and is firmly and permanently fixed on the surface.

Main advantages:

All resin surfaces have a low wear resistance and a very limited life.

The concrete floor treated with HARD CONCRETE SYSTEM has no time limit, after the treatment lasts forever.

Thanks to this innovative system, you can turn any Industrial concrete floor into a modern mirror polished floor, that does not make dust, protected against water, oil and acid, traffic Wear resistant, hygienic, and beautiful to look like terrazzo floor.

The concrete polishing system brings exceptional benefits. The maintenance of an old industrial floor during the years is considerably expensive. Grinding and polishing the industrial concrete floor makes it much more resistant to scratches and forklift traffic.

The tires will not leave marks thanks to an excellent grip that makes the anti-slip floor. These results are possible thanks to the use of consolidates that increase the hardness of the cement by penetrating the floor and becoming part of it eliminating the problem of film formation.

HARD CONCRETE SYSTEM is ideal for all industrial concrete flooring, domestic structures, commercial structures and heavy traffic industrial flooring. The characteristics of HARD CONCRETE makes this system BEST than many other convention systems such as resins, paints or waxes.

Benefits of Hard Concrete

HARD CONCRETE SYSTEM is great for small and large commercial environments with a range of different finishes. HARD CONCRETE SYSTEM is a multi-step process, so you can choose the level of finish and the final effective cost.

  • Elimination of height variances (Undulations)
  • Consolidation of concrete with special chemicals eco-friend
  • The floor become 5 timer harder and resistant to the traffic of heavy trolley and vehicles
  • Process of reaction & reparation to remove inherent defects
  • Honing to provide uniform & polished finish
  • High Protection with Nano Technology
  • NO DUST / NO STAIN- Obtaining of high gloss finish, shine, brilliance
  • Water, Acid and Oil repellent


  • NO DUST: it does not produce dust, dirt, allergens. Resistant to moisture transmission problems: It allows the floor to breathe and eliminates problems arise with other flooring materials that seal the concrete, such as tile, resin etc.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: extremely low maintenance, convenient, allows you to create an eco-friendly work environment for employees.
  • NO FORKLIFT TRUCK SIGNS: The smooth, polished surface resists the signs of forklift tires and protects against oil spills and chemical spills.
  • ECONOMIC AND COST SAVINGS (no additional coatings) traditional flooring materials such as resins and waxes are not necessary where the concrete slab is used directly as the finished floor surface.
  • DURATION: highly resistant to trampling and heavy industrial machinery traffic. much more resistant to stains.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: sustainable flooring alternative. It requires no hazardous coatings, detergents and adhesives.
  • HIGH LIGHT REFRACTION: The polished concrete surface reflects the light. Important for offices, buildings, stores, deposits of materials, big shopping areas, hotels Hall, Restaurants, Public facilities that want to project a professional bright and clean image.
  • SAVING ELECTRICITY: reducing artificial lighting use, especially in large areas.
  • It can be used for public projects, universities, schools, hospitals, stadiums etc.
  • Increases the hardness and the resistance to the abrasion of your concrete floor
  • Definitely Block the dust from concrete slab
  • Stain-resistant, oil and water-repellent
  • Extremely economic for big projects, for commercial and industrial areas
  • It requires very low maintenance
  • Ecological (V.O.C FREE)
  • Allow the floor to breathe to prevent peeling
  • It lasts 10 times longer than any resin floor

The concrete floor, treated with silicates has similar characteristics to a granite floor and can be subjected to similar grinding procedures. After the treatment, the concrete floor can be grinned until becoming mechanically polished. Polished concrete is not the result of applying a polishing product but a professional process of grinding and polishing. Polishing concrete with the Hard Concrete System means transforming your industrial floor forever.

Hard Concrete System

Transform your floor into an indestructible and durable surface suitable for any use. The HARD CONCRETE system developed by Klinsystem transforms your ordinary concrete into a mirror-polished concrete floor, protected, no-scratch, no-dust, stain resistant and easy-to-clean.

The procedure to transform the concrete floor sometimes includes to remove old resin or old coatings from the floor using specific diamond tools.

Then is possible to grinding the concrete floor with several steps until the surface become smooth and flat. During the process is important the consolidation of the surface using specific Klinsystem products, as Concrete Hardner and Concrete Hardner Lithium.

Then finally is possible to obtain an optimal closure of the porosity of the floor. In this way the surface become 5/6 times harder and resistant to the abrasion. Once the surface has been polished, is possible to treat the floor with water and oil repellent products, as Concrete Guard Lithium and Concrete Gloss, in order to increase the resistance of the concrete and make it dust proof – water proof and oil repellent.

The whole process allows to obtain a glossy surface with is at the same time anti-slip and resistant to external agents and heavy traffic.

Different finishes:

Developed by Klinsystem and suitable for both residential and industrial surfaces. Full step high quality floor grinding and polishing system without exposing the aggregate, includes cracks and holes repairing, high planarity, deep gloss polishing, stain resistant, oil protection and water repellent, modern look, wide range of colors available

The fastest way to turn a normal concrete floor, into a new shiny, hard and resistant surface. The latest hybrid technology for concrete grinding and polishing to achieve the best results while saving time, effort and money. Klinsystem provides a wide range of hybrid tools like SPEEDY 3 STEP and HYPERPAD 4 STEP.

The hybrid technology allows to save time and money always getting the best quality finish.

With the new Klinsystem Polishing System is possible to polish up to 600-700 square meters per day! Using the power-trowel and the new Klinsystem diamond tools, is now possible turn an industrial floated floor into a beautiful surface, durable, stain-resistant, glossy and easy-to-clean floor. Suitable for big industrial or commercial areas.

Deep grinding and polishing system with full exposure of aggregates, high planarity and regularity of the floor. Includes cracks and holes repairing, high planarity, deep gloss polishing, stain resistant, oil protection and water repellent. Hard Concrete Terrazzo offers a wide variety of colour options and contemporary look. Suitable for both residential and industrial floors.

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